Photographer specializing in pregnancy in Saint Tropez

Capturing the beauty of maternity at every stage

As a maternity photographer in Saint Tropez, I offer multiple photoshoots to immortalize the most precious moments of your journey to parenthood. From emotional snapshots of your pregnancy to the first days of your baby's life, each photo session is a celebration of life and the unique beauty of motherhood.

Dreaming of an outdoor maternity photoshoot? In Saint Tropez, we have the opportunity to transform each session into a visual adventure. From golden beaches to lush gardens, let me capture the splendor of your pregnancy in enchanting natural settings.

Each snapshot tells a story, every moment is captured in soft natural light, for a result that is both authentic and sublime.

And if you prefer the intimacy of your own home, we can also organize your maternity session indoors, creating intimate memories in the comfort of your own space.

When your baby enters the world, every little detail matters. A newborn session allows you to capture these fleeting moments, creating memories that will last a lifetime.


Your baby grows so fast, and every expression, every gesture deserves to be immortalized in a warm setting.

All my sessions take place in a comfortable and caring atmosphere, highlighting the natural beauty of the expectant mother and baby. The goal is to create authentic memories, warm images that reflect the love and harmony of your growing family.

Ideal Gift: Maternity Photoshoot

Pregnancy Photography in Saint-Tropez

Outdoor Pregnancy Session in the Gulf of Saint Tropez  Starting from  95€

"Pregnant Woman" Photoshoot in Saint-Tropez

When to schedule your maternity photoshoot?

The experience of pregnancy is an exceptional chapter in your life, and immortalizing these precious moments through a maternity photoshoot is a beautiful way to celebrate this journey to motherhood.

For an ideal session, plan it between the 6th and 7th month of your pregnancy. At this stage, your belly will be beautifully rounded, creating images imbued with the gentle curve of your maternity, and you will still be energetic before the final weeks.

Feel free to contact me early in your pregnancy to organize your session.

We will adjust the scheduling based on your morphology and our respective availabilities, ensuring a tailored experience.


During pregnancy, the body changes, and it's a beauty in itself. Small stretch marks may appear, but remember, you are beautiful just as you are, carrying life in an exceptional way. During the session, I will guide you with flattering poses and visual tricks, such as veil play, to delicately soften these temporary marks.

However, I understand that everyone has their preferences. Like any professional photographer, I am able to retouch photos if necessary, ensuring that you are fully satisfied with the result. My ultimate goal is to create a memorable pregnancy session in Saint-Tropez, where you will keep the most beautiful memories of this unique period of your life.

Outdoor Pregnancy Session in the Gulf of Saint Tropez  Starting from  95€

Outdoor Pregnancy Session in the Gulf of Saint Tropez  Starting from  95€

How long does a maternity photoshoot last?

The magic of pregnancy deserves to be captured with care and attention, which is why a maternity photoshoot typically lasts about an hour.

The goal is to create stunning images that showcase your maternal beauty while ensuring you feel comfortable and fulfilled throughout the session.


New this year: Mini-sessions accessible to all

For those who wish to preserve precious memories of their pregnancy without a significant investment, I offer mini-sessions of 20 minutes. Although shorter, these sessions provide an affordable and quick opportunity to immortalize this special moment. For mini-sessions, due to timing reasons, it is recommended not to change outfits, or possibly once.


Choice of outfits for the one-hour session

During a one-hour session, we have the advantage of taking the time to choose several outfits, allowing you to vary styles and atmospheres. When preparing for the session, I will be there to advise you on clothing that will showcase your rounded belly while ensuring your comfort.


Flexibility for a personalized experience

We will collaborate to choose the time of day that suits you best, respecting your rhythm and the ideal lighting conditions. Often, the end of the day offers golden light, ideal for creating portraits filled with warmth and softness.

My top priority is for you to feel comfortable throughout the session, thus creating images that celebrate the beauty of maternity and enhance the pregnant woman you are.

Contact me now to discuss your preferences and book your session, whether it's an hour of shooting or a spontaneous mini-session.

Each session is unique, just like your story.

Family Maternity Photoshoot in Saint-Tropez

Outdoor Maternity Session in the Gulf of Saint Tropez

Who to Do a Maternity Photoshoot With?

For a truly exceptional maternity session, I encourage you to share this unique moment with your partner. From my experience, future dads rarely regret participating once they see the moving and intimate images captured during the session. If your family is already growing, your other children are more than welcome! Their impatience and excitement about the new arrival will be captured naturally and authentically.

The session becomes a memorable experience for the whole family, creating memories that will last a lifetime.


No limits for family... except for mini-sessions

Book your maternity session and immortalize these unique moments that will become a precious family legacy, a story illustrated in images.

To make the session even more personal, feel free to bring your entire family.

However, for mini-sessions, it should be noted that they are specially designed for groups of up to 4 people due to timing constraints.

Contact me now to book your session, and together, let's create memories that transcend time and represent the very essence of your growing family.

Outdoor Maternity Photography in St-Tropez

Outdoor Pregnancy Session in the Gulf of Saint Tropez  Starting from  95€

Choose the location for your session

Where to Have Your Outdoor Maternity Session?

When it comes to choosing the perfect location for your outdoor maternity session, the Gulf of Saint-Tropez region offers a myriad of enchanting spots. As a local of St-Tropez, I offer you a selection of places imbued with diverse atmospheres, each offering a unique setting to enhance your photo session, of which I have the secret.


Numerous Ambiances in the Heart of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez

Do you prefer the gentle sea breeze of a beach in Saint-Tropez, the brilliance of typical Provence flower fields, or the cobblestone streets of a charming Var village?

The Gulf of Saint-Tropez, with its diversity, is my privileged playground for capturing vibrant and lively images.


Mini-Sessions Exclusively in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez

For mini-sessions, the magic will unfold exclusively in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

Three carefully selected locations will be offered to you, ensuring breathtaking backdrops. This location constraint ensures a practical and quick experience while preserving the artistic quality of each image.


Share Your Favorite Places

If you have other places that are particularly close to your heart, feel free to share them with me.

I will be delighted to discover them with you and integrate them into your session, creating even more personal memories.

Book now and explore the incredible locations of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez during your outdoor maternity session.

Outdoor Maternity Session in the Gulf of Saint Tropez

Indoor Maternity Photoshoot in St-Tropez

"Lifestyle" Maternity Session in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez

If you prefer, I can come to your home, in your environment (lifestyle), to conduct a personalized photo reportage. You may feel more comfortable in your own house, surrounded by your familiar decor. Plus, it saves you the hassle of traveling. The photos are taken spontaneously, for a very natural and authentic result. This is what we call "lifestyle" photos.

To ensure perfect images, I work in natural light. Therefore, we will choose the brightest rooms in your house: a bedroom, a living room... Or why not your garden?

If you wish, you can also rent a hotel room or borrow a house for the occasion. If you know of a beautiful location that would make this photoshoot an even more extraordinary experience, take advantage of it!

"Lifestyle" maternity session in the Gulf of Saint Tropez Starting from 250€

Give a Gift Voucher to the Expecting Mother

Give an expecting mother a gift as memorable as this journey.

With Day Photographies gift vouchers, you're creating more than just a surprise; you're offering an unforgettable experience. Giving a maternity photosession is allowing the expecting mother to document the beauty of her pregnancy. Artistic images highlighting the grace of maternity, tender moments shared as a couple. You're offering memories for a lifetime, authentic moments that will remain etched in the heart of the expecting mother.

One of the few gifts that will appreciate in value over the years, think about it!


Introducing the innovation with our brand-new "Pregnancy Monitoring" project, an exceptional photographic experience designed to capture every moment of your waiting period professionally.

While many expecting mothers use their smartphones to document their pregnancy, Day Photographies' approach offers superior image quality, allowing for high-quality prints, announcements, and enlargements.

This revolutionary concept provides you with the opportunity to capture every stage of your growing belly through professional photos, from the moment of pregnancy announcement to the precious moments before childbirth.

Monthly Progression in Pictures: A professional timeline from announcement to birth

Source internet: "Pour les mamans"
Source internet: "Pour les mamans"

The first sequence, captured at the time of your pregnancy announcement, captures the excitement while your belly is still flat.

Each month, professional shots will immortalize the progression of your maternity.

The true advantage lies in the ability to create tangible memories.

These images will allow you to create quality prints, unique announcements, and striking enlargements.

An opportunity offering a physical and timeless dimension to your precious memories.

Each session will ideally take place in the same location, with the same outfit, for visual and emotional coherence. It's interesting to personalize the sessions based on your lifestyle by integrating your four-legged companion, your partner, or your loved ones, thus preserving the authenticity of every moment.

Accessible to all budgets: Reserve your spot for a story in images

Designed to be accessible to all budgets, this revolutionary package offers an unparalleled professional experience. Whether you're alone, a couple, or a family, customize the theme from the start, and we'll schedule a monthly appointment until the long-awaited day of childbirth.

Baby Shower and Gender Reveal Coverage in Saint-Tropez

The Magic of a "Baby Shower"

The Baby Shower: a precious moment filled with love, camaraderie, and anticipation.

Day Photographies immortalizes every detail and emotion during this exceptional event.

Treat yourself to the luxury of reliving these unforgettable moments with a personalized coverage.

Whether it's a relaxed atmosphere, an elegant theme, or even more intimate moments, I adapt my approach to create coverage that reflects your personality and captures the ambiance of the day.

The photos of your Baby Shower are lasting memories for the entire family, and for your baby later on.

Give yourself the opportunity to relive your Baby Shower through timeless images.

Book your coverage today and turn this incredible celebration into a cherished memory.

Reveal the gender of the upcoming baby with your "Gender Reveal"

The pregnancy period is a magical chapter, filled with mystery and anticipation.

To celebrate this unique moment, why not add a touch of exciting suspense with a "Gender Reveal"?

I'll be by your side to capture every moment of this special revelation.


The anticipation becomes a true visual adventure:

Imagine the excitement and emotion as you discover the gender of your future treasure.

The "Gender Reveal" coverage transforms this anticipation into a memorable visual adventure.

From vibrant images to intimate moments, Day Photographies is here to capture the essence of this unique moment.


Choose a theme that reflects you: whether it's balloons revealing pink or blue, a confetti explosion, or smoke bombs revealing the gender.

Every glance, every smile, every moment frozen in time is captured with care.

Share your images with your family and friends to extend the joy of this unique moment.

Book your "Gender Reveal" coverage today with Day Photographies!