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The words of the photographer

I like to say that I'm not a photographer, no, I'm just a hypersensitive who takes pictures.

I lived the first years of my existence thinking that my hypersensitivity was a handicap. It really is a superpower...

  • I am more receptive to the emotions of others, which allows me to capture and transcribe strong emotions through my photographs. Being more aware of emotional nuances, I create images that express intense and deep feelings.
  • I tend to notice details that others don't see.
  • I'm more sensitive to light and color, which helps me play with light and shadow to create more expressive, vibrant, and captivating images.
  • My great empathy allows me to better understand the people I photograph, to be particularly attentive to their expressions, their emotions, creating more intimate and deeper images without them needing to pose or play a role. let them be themselves, because I have this ability to read what they feel and capture their emotional expressions in a subtle and discreet way.

My images reflect the essence of each person I photograph. No need to retouch to the extreme to reveal the treasure that hides in each of them.

My objective is absolutely not to take technical photos, it is only to take expressive, natural, true photos.

 My way of approaching photography is simply a reflection of my way of seeing the world:

I love connecting with people and i love telling their story with my images and making them timeless.