portrait photographer in saint-tropez

Portrait photographer in Saint-Tropez, I propose to create unforgettable images for you.


A great classic of photography, the portrait is however lost nowadays:

Smartphones and digital devices give the illusion of having a lot of photos.

But how many beautiful portraits of you?


Your portrait is a real treasure. It is proof of your passage and a landmark for the generations that will follow you. Appearance is the first thing you see of a person. This is why I suggest that you enhance your portraits and immortalize your personality. Stay yourself: your portrait is you, natural.

Lifestyle portrait session, or outdoors in the Gulf of Saint Tropez

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"La pudeur n'est le plus souvent qu'une question d'éclairage." (Pierre-Jean Vaillant)


Why book a portrait photographer in St-Tropez?

The portrait is an art in its own right. It's not just about immortalizing a scene or people; it is also a question of capturing the character, the sensitivity or the trait of mood and the personality at the time of the photo.


I would put my hypersensitivity and my ability to listen to you. My goal is to bring out the best in everyone using techniques that combine psychology, originality and creativity, nature and sincerity.


The experience that I propose to you is based on self-esteem and the relationship with others. Thus, the photos taken will be authentic, original and pure. Your portraits will be a concentrate of emotions and will allow you to relive the moment of the shot with always the same intensity.


For your portrait photo session in Saint-Tropez, I will accompany you to (re)find confidence in yourself and in your image. The portrait has real therapeutic virtues in addition to being a good way to show off.

Portrait session alone or as a couple, or outdoors in the Gulf of Saint Tropez

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Pictures for who?


I create for you solo portraits for men, women or children. But a portrait does not necessarily mean a solo photo. I take your family portraits with children and grandparents, your couple photos. How about portraits with your pets? everyone has the right to their portrait!


All of life's moments are a good time for family portraits and creating great memories.

Mother-son, father-son, grandparents and grandchildren portraits. But also the entire family with brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, cousins... And don't forget the photoshoots with friends! It's up to you.

Portrait session as a couple, with family, between sisters or with girlfriends outdoors in the Gulf of Saint Tropez

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For an optimal result and an authentic final result, I prefer that the shots be taken outdoors.

Indeed, the natural and sublime light gives a perfect touch to your photos.


As far as venues go, we'll be spoiled for choice! The Var is full of sublime places. This can be done on the beach, on the shores of the Mediterranean, in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez as far as Sainte-Maxime or near Ramatuelle and Cavalaire sur mer. Or in the scrubland, the lavender fields or near the Massif des Maures .

Together we will find the perfect place where you will feel comfortable or who is dear to you.

And it can simply be at home, in your cocoon.


If possible, it is best to do the session at the end of the day. Golden hour for spectacular and unic sunset and the blazing sky will magnify your portraits. 

I'm not "PHOTOGeNIc"

Lifestyle portrait session, or outdoors in the Gulf of Saint Tropez

Prices & conditions


Contrary to what one might think, the portrait is not reserved for top models. Anyone can enjoy it, whether you feel photogenic or not. I will take pure and original photos for you that will reveal your beauty and your values in an authentic and honest way, without lying.


Like any photography professional, I retouch my photos, but never excessively. My goal is to interpret your portrait and sublimate it, not to transform you. Your image will be representative, expressive, and above all faithful to the person you are.


I will guide you during the session to always remain as natural as possible. A look, a smile, a burst of laughter, a gesture, an emotion, a feeling. No need to force yourself to pose. I will be able to capture your beauty with ease.

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